2.5 million Chinese people volunteered to donate organs over past decade

▲Silver and golden commemorative card organ donation volunteers received. Photo: Ji Yuqiao/ GT

A total of 2.53 million people have volunteered to donate organs in China, according to data published on the Red Cross Society of China’s (RCSC) website on Sunday. At present, China ranks second in the world in terms of the number of human organ donations.


There have been 2.51 million people registered for voluntary organ donations. More than 30,000 people have donated their organs after death, saving more than 90,000 lives, said Liang Huiling, RCSC’s Party secretary and executive vice president, on the 10th anniversary of human organ donation.


On November 7, the RCSC held a publicity event in Hangzhou, East China’s Zhejiang Province to celebrate the 10th anniversary of human organ donation in China. The theme was “making organ donations around us to save lives.�?Volunteers from all over the country marked the 10th anniversary by walking 10 kilometers around the West Lake.


According to real-time data on the official website of China Organ Donation Administrative Center, there have been more than 2.54 million people registered for voluntary organ donations by November 8. And by October 31, 31,610 donors have donated 92,685 organs to save the lives of others.


Since 2010 when China started pilot program for human organ donations, the RCSC has done work to gradually establish the Chinese mode of human organ donations in line with China’s national conditions.


The official Chinese data documents 2,766 organ donations in 2015, 4,080 in 2016, 5,146 in 2017 and 6,302 in 2018. The number of organ donations in 2018 ranked second in the world.


Since the establishment of a green channel for organ transport four years ago, the transfer time for organs has been shortened by an average of 1 to 1.5 hours, and the overall organ sharing rate has increased by 7.3 percent, data showed.


As of 2019, Spain had the highest rate of organ donations in the world for 20 consecutive years, according to European Union statistics. At least seven of the world’s 100 human organ donors are Spanish.

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