76-year-old man donates over 10,000 books purchased from recycling stations

Qian Yutian selects books at a waste recycling station. ( Tingting)

Over the past 10 years, Qian Yutian, 76, has purchased more than 30,000 books from waste recycling stations, donating more than 10,000 of them to children or people in need.

Sharing that he enjoys collecting historical materials, Qian frequents waste recycling stations.

“I used to frequent three recycling stations every day, and I was able to pick up more than 50 jin (25kg) of books,” he said, adding that that there is a standard for his choice of books: at least 80 percent of them should be new, there should be no graffiti, and the content of books should be positive.

“The number of books I can purchase each time is not certain. I usually donate 60 or 70 books at a time every 7 to 10 days,” Qian noted.

Qian Yutian shows his personal collection. ( Tingting)

Talking about his childhood, Qian shared the reason why he donates books to children, “I came from the countryside. I couldn’t afford to buy books when I was young. Books were so precious to me that I even dreamt of reading.”

In Qian’s view, many books can be recycled to avoid waste. Through his practical actions, he wants to allow more children to have access to books and form the good habit of thrifting. Qian said that he will always insist on going to the waste recycling stations to buy and donate books.

“I will continue to donate 1,000 books a year, and I will just keep going,” Qian revealed. 

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