83-year-old grandpa’s fashion show goes viral

An 83-year-old grandpa in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province, came under the spotlight recently when his fashion show went viral.

The man behind the show, surnamed Kang, used to be a university professor, and was said to be very fashionable in his younger days. After working in the education sector for more than 40 years, he has now become a “fashion blogger” since his retirement.

In Grandpa Kang’s view, the clothes you wear not only reflect the pursuit of beauty, but also the love and expectations one has of life. His purpose is not only to get closer to young people, but also to influence more old people to have a young mentality.

“Some elderly friends will have a sense of disparity after retirement and gradually lose the ability to keep up with the development of society, which can easily affect their health,” Grandpa Kang said.

He hopes to persuade young people to live a healthy lifestyle through his video, and encourage the elderly to do more to enjoy life. 

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