Big data helps consolidate poverty alleviation achievements in northwestern county

A villager in Anhui Province shows the big data-powered platform on her mobile phone.(Photo/Xinhua)

Thanks to a big data-powered platform, cadres in Yanchi, a previously poverty-stricken county in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, are able to take targeted measures to help impoverished villagers, Xinhua reported on Dec. 1.

Able to remind cadres to give support to villagers according to urgency, a three-tier warning system monitors information of over 11,000 impoverished households, as well as 37,000 unregistered poor households.

Li Xiao is a cadre designated to help 30 households in his village. In the past, Li had to write down the needs of the villagers on a notebook, but nowadays, a mobile phone suffices to facilitate his work.

“The 18 of us could document information of all impoverished villagers in our village within half a day,” Li said.

Eliminating absolute poverty in 2019, Yanchi is the first county in Ningxia to shake off poverty. The early warning platform has played an important role in consolidating poverty alleviation achievements in Yanchi. So far, more than 900 problems reported to the system have been solved. 

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