Chang’e-5 completes mid-course correction 17 hours into its voyage to the Moon

â–²Photo: China’s Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP)

Chang’e-5 probe successfully completed its first mid-course correction around 10 pm Tuesday, 17 hours into its journey to the Moon, according to a statement the China National Space Administration sent to the Global Times on Tuesday.

The spacecraft has travelled some 160,000 kilometers, and systems are working well.

The course correction required Chang’e-5’s 3000N engines to fire for about 2 seconds, putting the spacecraft on a precise heading to enter its planned orbit, CNSA said in the statement. 

“Affected by various factors on its way to the Moon, the probe needs to make mid-course corrections to measure and adjust the minor deviations of its actual trajectory, to ensure that it stays on the right track,” CNSA noted.

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