China’ professional organizers have become popular since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak

Thanks to a large amount of media exposure brought by bloggers and Internet celebrities, as well as the rising demand for home tidiness since the outbreak of COVID-19, more Chinese people are seeking help from professional organizers to clean up their living spaces and to stay organized.

“As I can’t find what is appropriate to wear when I go out, I will buy more clothes, and the clothing will gradually pile it up,” said a lady surnamed Li, who immediately decided to order door-to-door professional organizing services after she saw a video concerning professional organizers in a related fashion microblog.

(Photo/Guangzhou Daily)

It took six professional organizers three days to meet Li’s personal demand, with a cost of over 10,000 yuan (about $1,531), plus 388 yuan for the first door-to-door service.

Three professional organizers were responsible for the storage in the living room, two for the storage in the bedrooms and one for space transformation. The organizers wore face masks and gloves throughout the process to ensure better sanitation.

There were a total of two door-to-door visits during the provision of services: the first to assess the storage space and workload while also to make the purchase plan of storage supplies. The second visit was for the purpose of bringing the purchased materials and to complete the services related to reorganizing and reordering the house.

An organizer fully communicates the needs with the customer on the first door-to-door visit, and the latter should agree with the former’s idea before the second door-to-door visit.

“We do not emphasize ‘a clean breakup’, which will put a psychological burden on the customer,” said Du Xin, leader of the organizers’ team working for Li, adding that following their work, the types of clothing preferred by the customer can be clearly revealed, reminding customers that there are enough types of clothing to avoid repeat purchases.

According to Lulu, partner of the Guangzhou branch of Liucundao, a home organizing school, her team’s business volume skyrocketed, and the scope of services has expanded to fourth-and fifth-tier cities.

She added that 98 percent of the customers are female, and most of them are young.

There will be one or two orders worth 10,000 yuan in one week, and there are also a lot of tiny orders involving door-to-door assessments, especially between July and August, the peak season for house moving, Lulu added. 

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