China to intensify crackdown on drunk driving ahead of holiday season

BEIJING, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) — Chinese police will launch a national campaign against driving under the influence of alcohol as the New Year and Spring Festival holiday season approaches, the China Police Daily reported on Thursday.

A tough stance against drunk driving will be maintained, said the traffic management division of the Ministry of Public Security, adding that traffic police nationwide will step up checks on streets prone to road accidents.

China amended its Criminal Law to criminalize drunk driving in 2011. The revised law stipulates that drunk driving constitutes a criminal offense, even if no road accidents or other serious consequences occur.

Harsh penalties for drunk driving have seen results. As of Dec. 15, the number of traffic accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol has decreased by 8 percent year on year across the country, and the number of deaths resulting from drunk driving by 28 percent.

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