China urges Canada to respect rule of law on Meng Wanzhou case

China once again urged Canada on Friday to face squarely the problems concerning the Meng Wanzhou case and make correct decisions in line with justice, the rule of law and the fundamental interests of the Canadian people.

According to media reports, a Canadian prosecutor recently claimed the court should delete the testimony of Michael Gottlieb, a White House lawyer under the Obama Administration, submitted by Meng’s legal team in the extradition case in July. The testimony shows that U.S. leaders used Meng as a chip for trade negotiations with China.

“The facts have fully proven that Meng’s case is a serious political incident,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a daily press briefing when asked for comment.

The true purpose of the incident created by the U.S. government is to bring down Chinese high-tech enterprises and impede China’s scientific and technological development, rather than for allegedly legal reasons, Hua said.

Hua said the Canadian government has played the role of accomplice for the U.S. government, noting that Canada has arbitrarily detained an innocent Chinese citizen who has not broken any Canadian laws.

“This has outraged the Chinese people and led to a low point in bilateral relations over the past two years,” she added.

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