China’s COVID-19 prevention book’s English-version released in Shanghai

Residents are ready to take nucleic acid tests in Shanghai  Photo: Yang Hui/GT

The English version of a book about COVID-19 prevention and control was released on Monday in Shanghai, recording medical staff’s front-line experiences in China.

This book was reviewed by Zhong Nanshan and Wang Chen, both academicians with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and edited by Qu Jieming from Ruijin Hospital alongside other professionals. 

COVID-19: The Essentials of Prevention and Treatment includes sections to help with scientific understanding, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of the novel coronavirus. It reviews the scientific process of Chinese medical staff’s understanding of the virus from an unfamiliar status at the beginning, which could be used as reference for the international medical community as well as ordinary readers.

The upcoming autumn and winter months normally are the peak seasons for respiratory infectious diseases in China, Qu said, noting the possible outbreaks of the novel coronavirus and seasonal flu together will bring the risk of “comprehensive infection.”

The public still should be cautious toward the disease and pay attention to their own personal hygiene such as washing hands regularly, keeping regular ventilation indoors and social distancing, said Qu. 

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