China’s crackdown on organized crimes boosts sense of security

BEIJING, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) — With the approval by the Supreme People’s Court, Chen Huimin, former head of a criminal syndicate in east China’s Jiangxi Province, was executed Wednesday.

Chen was found guilty of 20 crimes including murder and organizing and leading a criminal syndicate organization. Chen had led the gang in Jiangxi’s Yihuang County for 15 years, which once recruited more than 100 people.

The influential case was among 111 major cases under the direct oversight of a central office for a special campaign targeting organized crimes and local bullies.

Launched in 2018, the three-year special campaign has led to the closure of a great number of such cases, offering the public a strong sense of security.

A total of 1,151 people linked to those 111 cases had been convicted, and 4,193 people holding public positions have been placed under investigation for related corruption or sheltering organized crimes, officials said earlier this month.

Since the beginning of the campaign, discipline inspection and supervisory authorities across the country have investigated and dealt with 76,600 cases involving corruption or sheltering organized crimes.

The progress on several high-profile cases, including the retrial of gang leader Sun Xiaoguo, who was convicted of multiple violent crimes, was welcomed by the public.

Yan Jianguo, deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC) and chief partner of a Beijing-based law firm, said the timely trials of landmark cases like Sun’s not only punished the criminal and officials sheltering him but also produce a good social effect.

“The people were satisfied with the outcome,” said Yan during this year’s NPC session, adding that there should be arrangements to establish and improve relevant mechanisms and keep the campaign going.

Although the campaign is about to conclude at the end of this year, the public has no reason to worry about the resurgence of such crimes, as the country has made great efforts to make the cause a regular mission for the law enforcement authorities.

Some of the mechanisms and institutions introduced during the campaign will be retained. For example, four levels of supervision on such cases will still be carried out on a regular basis, and a number of major cases involving such crimes will be placed under the direct oversight of higher-level authorities.

While lawmakers are working toward formulating a law against organized crimes, several batches of regulations jointly introduced by multiple judicial and law enforcement agencies during the past three years, which specify the standards and procedures in handling gang-related criminal cases, will surely remain effective.

At the recently concluded central work conference on law-based governance, the leadership once again pledged to promote the cause on a regular basis so as to build a peaceful China.

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