China’s experience in poverty reduction model for Egypt: expert

China’s experience in poverty eradication is unprecedented and Egypt can apply it in various aspects, an Egyptian expert has said.

Since 1978, when China launched its reform and opening-up drive, a population of more than 700 million in the country has been lifted out of poverty, which no other economies around the world were able to complete, Mostafa Ibrahim, vice president of the Chinese-Egyptian Business Council, told Xinhua in a recent interview.

Days ago, China crossed another milestone in its anti-poverty efforts. After southwest China’s Guizhou Province announced on Monday that its last nine impoverished counties had eliminated absolute poverty, all 832 registered poor counties in China have shaken off poverty.

In the wake of tackling poverty, China will enter a new stage of development, the expert said.

The Chinese society has stepped further, he said, referring to new kinds of demands like better education and environment.

As for Egypt, it can draw on the Chinese experience in terms of the industrialization process, rise in the standard of education, workforce training, reduction in unemployment rates, etc., though when it comes to the details, many are challenging for Egypt or other countries to follow, the expert noted.

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