China’s FDI inflow up 6.2 pct to record high in 2020

BEIJING, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) — Foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Chinese mainland, in actual use, expanded 6.2 percent year on year to a record high of 999.98 billion yuan in 2020, the Ministry of Commerce said Wednesday.

In U.S. dollar terms, the inflow went up 4.5 percent year on year to 144.37 billion dollars.

The country managed to emerge from COVID-19 and meet its target of stabilizing foreign investment in 2020, bucking the downward trend in global foreign investment, the ministry said.

In 2020, China’s foreign investment touched a record high, with its growth pace quickened and global share increased.

The structure of the country’s foreign investment was further optimized. Foreign investment in the service industry came in at 776.8 billion yuan in 2020, up 13.9 percent year on year, while that in the high-tech service sector rose 28.5 percent.

Investment from the Netherlands surged 47.6 percent year on year, while that from Britain rose 30.7 percent, according to the ministry.

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