China’s Guangdong has over 110,000 5G base stations

GUANGZHOU, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) — South China’s Guangdong Province has built more than 110,000 5G base stations, with nearly 27 million 5G users, according to the latest statistics.

Ma Xingrui, governor of Guangdong, shared the figures at the World 5G Convention, which opened Thursday. The province has over 1,600 5G-related enterprises, accounting for about one-third of the national total.

Huawei and ZTE, which are both based in the province, have more than 5,000 5G essential patents, accounting for around one-third of the global total.

He added that Guangdong has an advantage in developing 5G, as the output value of communication networks and base station equipment in the province accounts for about 70 percent of the country’s total, while its smartphone shipments make up about 30 percent of the global total.

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