China’s self-developed third-generation nuclear power technology Hualong One passes EUR compliance assessment

China’s Hualong One technology, a domestically developed third-generation nuclear power reactor design, recently passed the European Utility Requirements (EUR) compliance assessment and received the EUR certificate, reported Tuesday.

Photo taken on Sept. 3, 2020 shows a view of the No. 5 nuclear power unit of the Fuqing project in the city of Fuqing, southeast China’s Fujian Province. Fuel loading started Friday at China’s first nuclear power unit using Hualong One technology, a domestically developed third-generation reactor design, bringing the unit one step closer to operation. (Photo by Zhang Tao/Xinhua)

The assessment results indicated that Hualong One has a high degree of compliance with the latest version of the EUR Specification Document, Revision E, and meets the latest European requirements for nuclear power, according to China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), developer of the Hualong One reactor design.

The EUR Specification Document includes more than 5,000 items related to the conditions required for safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants, with the items covering various aspects such as safety, performance, systems and equipment, plant layout, instrument control, operation and maintenance, environmental protection, and decommissioning, according to a credible source.

CGN comprehensively initiated the EUR compliance assessment in August 2017, and the whole process involved 11 members of the EUR Organization.

The EUR Organization was formed by 14 large European power companies from countries including France, the Czech Republic, Finland, the U.K. and Germany. The organization is committed to the development of common requirement specifications for new designs wishing to enter the European nuclear power market, organizes EUR compliance assessment and certification for potential nuclear power technologies for the European market, and conducts overall technical checks for European nuclear power project owners.     


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