China’s Tianjin completes COVID-19 testing in two medium-risk areas

TIANJIN, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) — China’s Tianjin Municipality has completed nucleic acid testing for COVID-19 in two medium-risk areas, local health authorities said Wednesday.

All the residents and samples of cold-chain food and cold storage facilities in the two areas tested negative for coronavirus, according to the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters.

The medium-risk regions are Hangu Street and Zone A and B of the cold-chain logistics area of the Tianjin central fishing port, both located in the Binhai New Area.

Since Saturday, Tianjin has reported one new confirmed COVID-19 case and one asymptomatic case, both from Hailian Frozen Food Co., Ltd. in the Binhai New Area.

Starting Tuesday, Tianjin began COVID-19 tests on more than 65,000 residents in Hangu Street and 370 workers in the two zones of the cold-chain logistics area, as well as on frozen food and the environment of cold storages.

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