Chinese enterprise to support education of 3 girls in Zambian district

LUANSHYA, Zambia, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) — A Chinese firm has pledged to help three Zambian school girls from a vulnerable family by supporting them with an education requirement.

The girls are all at secondary school. Richard Mwila, the father of the three girls, said he approached the Chinese firm for assistance after he had exhausted all channels to seek help from other good wishes.

“I am happy with the assistance I have received from the Chinese people. I am going to send back my children to school,” he said.

Mwila said that Mwaizen Zhang Enterprise Limited has assisted him with school materials such as books and the Chinese firm will also pay for their school fees.

Further, Mwila said the girls have been offered part-time jobs on weekends to start raising money for their school fees.

Mwila is a disabled person and his wife who was a breadwinner died about two years ago.

Zhang Li, director of the firm, said the company will continue supporting the underprivileged people in the community in the Luanshya district.

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