Chinese people showing interest in US presidential election for laughs, comicalness

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 The ongoing neck-and-neck US presidential election has not only drawn the attention of people within its own country, but it has also become a high-impact topic among curious Chinese netizens. However, instead of giving birth to division, violence and aguish as it has to many in the US; in China, the election has mainly served as entertainment; a sneak-peek into the US and its chaotic society, or even, an inspiration of hardworking…

Topics relating to the US election have been trending on China’s most popular social media platform Sina Weibo for days, with “#US Presidential election” attracting around 6.77 billion reads. Its more recent developments, such as Donald Trump’s reported plan to file lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, have already garnered more than 100 million reads in one hour.

The discussion about the election, however, might come as a surprise: It’s mostly entertaining. When the election met a sudden twist on Wednesday night (Beijing time) as key states apparently popped in-and-out of Joe Biden’s favor, one netizen made a joke based on Biden’s Chinese pronunciation — Biden reads as “Baideng” (which means wait for nothing) — saying that: as Trump anxiously waits for the result, a friend of his told him to go to sleep early, as “it is Biden (Baideng), no matter how long you wait, its Biden (Baideng).” 

For those without any Chinese language background, this one is for you. Another netizen said that, “If Biden is elected, I can really see China-US relations goes smoother, as Beijing is For-Biden City” — making fun of China’s famous Forbidden City in Beijing. Another netizen posted a meme on Sina Weibo, with words saying, “the Democrats: Vote for Biden; the Republicans: Vote Forbidden” — mocking Trump’s repeated requests to stop counting votes. 

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Yet many onlookers also expressed their pity for Trump, who has been given the nickname as “Trump the nation builder” by Chinese netizens, as they believe he is contributing to China’s rise by accelerating his own country’s decline, with some netizens saying that “baby Trump has brought us so much fun during his four-year presidency.”

One Chinese netizen made a map of the US covered with red, with Trump standing in front of the map, cheering, “wow, check out all the red states.” Another two bystanders were drawn in the picture whispering, “You tell him that’s the COVID-19 map.”

The tight election race also sets a positive example for those hard working people in China. “Thinking about those two old fellas, both in their 70s, still fighting so hard for a job, despite the money they own; can you excuse yourself from working hard?” 

Despite all the attention, very few Chinese netizens are hedging their hopes on a smoother China-US relationship no matter the result. “After watching the ‘show,’ we will do whatever we need to do,” said netizen Tangyousong, adding that “China’s future can only be determined by the Chinese people, not some random president from the other side of the world.”

What’s more, after seeing riots emerge across the US as their election results are gradually released, some Chinese netizens said that “after Trump’s four-year presidency, the country won’t be United States anymore, it will be Separated States, no matter who wins.”

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