Chinese scientists develop world’s first colorful cabbage

The world’s first colorful cabbage with independent intellectual property rights – a cabbage with a core having a color mixed by orange and purple was recently developed by Chinese scientists from Northwest A&F University in Yangling, northwest China’s Shaanxi province, Xi’an Daily reported.

The new variety was created by a team of scientists led by Professor Zhang Lugang with the university. Zhang started the innovative research on Chinese cabbages in 1999 and has been leading his team to work on the innovation of cabbage leaves since 2014.

Photo shows the inside of a colorful cabbage. (Photo courtesy of Northwest A&F University)

After six years of hard work, they were finally able to breed anthocyanin and carotenoid in one cabbage leaf. The scientists claim that the new cabbage’s nutrition and quality are better than other cabbage varieties.

According to reports, the colorful cabbage will go through hybrid breeding in the spring of 2021. After its variety registration is passed, it will enter the market. The research team has applied for patent protection for the cabbage variety.

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