Climate change may help U.S., China find common ground: CNBC

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) — Common interest in combating climate change could be catalyst for the Joe Biden administration to re-engage with China, U.S. television network CNBC reported on Sunday, citing analysts and strategists.

“If you think about the areas where the two sides have common interests, climate would be one of them. It’s one of the low hanging fruits, where Biden can get a better relationship,” said Jimmy Chang, chief investment strategist at Rockefeller Asset Management, cited by the CNBC report.

The Biden administration has made climate a cornerstone of its policy goals, and the president-elect has also named former Secretary of State John Kerry as a special presidential envoy for climate with a seat on the National Security Council, who was and will be focused on climate collaboration, the report said.

Some experts said that collaboration on climate and clean energy issues could also lead to more cooperation on trade, according to the report.

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