E China’s Hangzhou city delivers "warmth" to sanitation workers

Photo shows the exterior of a rest station for sanitation workers. (Photo credit: Hangzhou urban management bureau)

A series of measures are being taken to deliver “warmth” to sanitation workers in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province during this winter.

As early as 2008, the Hangzhou urban management bureau took the lead in advocating enterprises and public institutions to open their restrooms to the public; in 2013, it began to advocate these organizations to provide free rest places for frontline sanitation workers.

In 2016, the first rest station for sanitation workers was completed in Jianggan district, and Wu Zilian, a sanitation worker, began to serve as the administrator of the station.

Photo shows sanitation workers at a rest station. (Photo/

“In the past, when there was no rest station, sanitation workers had to find a corner to eat their lunch, and there was no place to heat or store food, with their meals even turning sour at times. These inconveniences were not solved until the rest station was completed,” Wu Zilian said, “now everyone considers this place as a home.”

At present, Jianggan district has successively opened 46 rest stations, with a basic service radius of about 1 kilometer.

In August this year, 5 new mini-scale rest stations opened in order to cover more service areas. Complete facilities such as refrigerators, drinking fountains and microwave ovens have also been provided in these small stations.

Photo shows sanitation workers celebrating a birthday at a rest station. (Photo/

In addition, every year, Lingyin Temple and relevant departments of the urban management bureau in Hangzhou give away porridge to the city’s sanitation workers.

Up to now, more than 18,000 sanitation workers in Hangzhou have been covered with free accidental injury insurance and provided with physical examinations for the screening of “two types of cancers;” occasionally, they can also watch movies free of charge. 

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