Encouraging! Delivery men admitted to college receive support from employer

Five delivery men, whose ages range from 26 to 46 years old, have received support from the express company they work for, which is taking various measures to guarantee their income during their studies, after being admitted to a vocational college. 

(Photo/WeChat account of China Post and Express News)

Yi Hongwei, a 41-year-old veteran, was unable to go to university and be in the military at the same time. Yi said being admitted by the college has made up this regret. As a father, he hopes to be a role model for his son, who is a freshman in high school, to chase his own dreams by working hard.

The five men have received much support from their company, a branch of STO Express in Tonghe county of Harbin, capital of northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

Yu Xiaoguang, a manager of the company, encouraged the delivery men to take the exam. After they were admitted, Yu helped them prepare for the application, recommending they major in hotel management.

(Photo/WeChat account of China Post and Express News)

36-year-old Bu Chunguang has worked for the company for six years. With his daughter in junior high school and his wife’s recent diagnosis of uremia two months ago, Bu said going to college is a dream come true, giving him an opportunity to increase income to better support the family.

The express company opened a grocery store for Bu’s family. Besides that, the company will allow a family member to fill in for him at his delivery job while he is at college. The company said Bu is welcome to go back to his post during school breaks, and he will be paid on a daily basis.

As the assistance has enabled Bu to support his family with a salary which is 80 percent of that when he was a full-time delivery man, this reassures him to finish his studies.

In addition, the company has also promised to reserve jobs for the delivery men if they are willing to work in the industry after graduation. To retain them, the company will provide allowances for the re-employed staff and raise their salaries.

The company also understands and supports those who want to find another job after graduating from college, said Yu, adding that his company will continue to support its staff to achieve self-improvement. 

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