First traditional Chinese medicine fever clinic in Beijing opens to patients

(Photo/Beijing Daily)

Built by the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a fever clinic of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has recently opened to the public in Beijing, the first in the city, and has begun to receive patients.

In order to avoid cross-infection, the fever clinic is equipped with an independent CT room, negative pressure observation ward and operating room, and will provide customized TCM diagnosis and treatment services for each patient.

“From now on, we will have our own battleground in the fight against the viruses, and we can use the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicines to treat new and spasmodic infectious diseases, giving full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the fight against epidemic diseases,” said Liu Dongguo, deputy director of the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Liu noted that after the opening of the fever clinic, the hospital will further play a vital role in effectively dealing with respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza and the superimposed risks of COVID-19 this winter and next spring. 

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