"Ice Cube" open to the public

BEIJING, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) — The National Aquatics Center, known as the “Water Cube,” was converted to the “Ice Cube,” which began trial operation on Monday.

More than 800 junior school students attended the venue to experience curling on four standard tracks.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign technicians were unable to come to China, so the onsite ice production was completed by domestic construction teams.

By the end of March next year, the public can buy tickets to experience curling at the venue. Furthermore, attendees can spend 30 yuan to experience throwing four to six curling stones. Special groups such as teenagers, disabled people, and professional soldiers can enjoy a discount, group discounts will also be on offer.

The Center has also arranged professional commentators to show the audience the origin and spirit of curling, the development of the sport in China, and its competition rules.

During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, it will undertake curling and wheelchair curling competitions. After the Games, the venue will continue to switch between the swimming season and the ice season. Spring, summer, and autumn are used for water sports, and winter is used for ice sports, becoming a model of sustainable utilization of Olympic venues.

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