More young people being drawn to China’s senior care market

A growing number of young Chinese people are being drawn to the senior care industry, thanks to its clear development prospects and huge demand for talents.

Tan Meng is one of them. Born in 1999, Tan decided to enter the elderly care service industry many years ago. For Tan, the high employment rate, competitive payment and promising development prospects are just some of the reasons why this thriving sector has become so attractive.


According to data released recently by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China’s elderly care service industry has high market value and development potential.

Xu Fen, who works as a volunteer at the Caihongwan welfare home for the elderly in Hongkou District, Shanghai, used to think that nursing home were filled with bedridden, sick and lonely elderly people.

To her surprise, the majority of elderly residents move around freely and have clear minds. In many cases, they are even more fashion-conscious than the young generation: some get manicures, learn to dance, draw, write, and exercise, and have busy schedules.

Shanghai No. 5 Middle School has collaborated with Caihongwan welfare home for the elderly in a voluntary activity, for which Luo Qing was one of the first volunteers. The welfare home signed a voluntary service agreement with them, taking into account their work, academic background and physical condition.

“A person’s life is very long. Sometimes, if you are too anxious to find the right person, you might as well improve yourself. The right person will appear eventually. There is no hurry to do this,” an old woman in the welfare home told Luo, which relieved his worries.

Luo added that spending more time with the elderly can help you forget about unhappy things, and spending time with them has brought unexpected benefits to the young volunteers. 

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