National reunification law? Mainland Taiwan Affairs Office says secessionism will be resolutely smashed

▲Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson with the Taiwan Affairs Office of State Council. Photo: VCG

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said on Wednesday that the Chinese mainland will take all necessary measures to resolutely smash any secessionism attempts and safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, in response to a question on whether the mainland will introduce a national reunification law. 

“We will take all measures to promote the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and peaceful reunification,” said Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office, at a press briefing Wednesday. 

The office published a poster on December 4, China’s National Constitution Day, that read, “Let’s have a look at the Constitution’s provisions on national unity,” which sparked speculation over whether the mainland would introduce a national reunification law that targets the island of Taiwan. 

At an annual forum hosted by the Global Times on December 5, many experts believed that the possibility of peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Straits is declining, and the mainland should exert military pressure on Taiwan to achieve peaceful reunification.

In this regard, Zhu said that peaceful reunification and “one country, two systems” are the best way to achieve national reunification, which best conforms to the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation, including the Taiwan compatriots.

Adhering to peaceful reunification shows the fundamental interests of the nation and shows our deep sense of responsibility to the nation and future generations as we cherish the value of peace and the well-being of our compatriots, Zhu said. 

“We are ready to make every effort with the utmost sincerity to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification. Whenever there is even the slightest possibility of a peaceful solution, we will make a hundredfold effort for it,” Zhu said.

To Taiwan secessionists who have seriously damaged the interests of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and jeopardized peace and stability across the Straits, Zhu said the mainland will never leave room for any form of secessionist activities.

We have always been fully prepared to deal with interference by external forces and separatist activities, aim to fundamentally safeguard the prospect of China’s peaceful reunification and advance the process of China’s peaceful reunification, Zhu said.  

“If the Taiwan secessionists still stick to their own way or take desperate actions, we will take all necessary measures to resolutely crush their separatist attempt and resolutely safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Zhu said. 

Global Times

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