New method developed to detect content of tea

BEIJING, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) — Chinese researchers have developed a new method to detect the content of tea polyphenols, key components of the beverage.

The method, developed by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, can measure the total polyphenol content in tea samples within 10 minutes. The process is much more efficient than traditional processes.

According to Lu Chengyin, one of the researchers, tea polyphenols are the main components that determine the flavor and health benefits of tea leaves. However, traditional detection methods are complicated and usually take more than two hours, Lu said.

The new method, which adopts paper-based microfluidic analytical devices, helps shorten the detection time, saves reagent and uses simple equipment. It has good application prospects in real-time monitoring of tea production and self-test kits for consumers.

The research was published in the journal Food Chemistry.

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