New soybean production record set in northeast China

HARBIN, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) — A new variety of soybean developed in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province has set a record yield per unit in the region, local agricultural authorities said Monday.

China’s northeastern region is the main soybean production base in the country, with Heilongjiang accounting for nearly half of the total soybean planting area of the country.

The new variety, which was planted in a test area of around 0.35 hectares, achieved a grain yield of over 1,690 kg. That put the per-hectare yield of the variety after adjustment at a record-breaking 5,043 kg.

The variety has also shown good adaptative ability, resistance to unfavorable conditions and potential for great yield, according to Huang Chunfeng, a researcher with the provincial plant breeding technical service center, which developed the seed.

“The new record shows we still have much room for improving the soybean yield in northeast China,” said Huang. “We should pace up in upgrading to the advantageous variety and make full use of it.”

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