Old man finds ‘corpse’ in mountain, turns out to be inflatable doll

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Local police in Qujing, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, dispatched to a mountain after an old man reported finding a “rotting corpse” there, discovered that it was actually an inflatable doll, Pear Video reported on Monday. 

The elderly man had found the “body” while picking mushrooms in a mountain in Qujing on Saturday. Terrified by the sight of the naked, badly decomposed cadaver, he called the police. 

After receiving the call, local police dispatched a number of police officers and forensic doctors and rushed to the scene.

As the doll could later frighten other people and cause unnecessary distress, the police decided to burn it at the scene.

Netizens on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo were both embarrassed and annoyed by the “incident,” joking that one should not discard their “girlfriend” in the wild and scare others.  

Police also reminded people that objects should be disposed of properly according to garbage classification regulations to avoid causing trouble.

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