PLA soldier went missing while helping herdsman find yak near China-India border

Chinese frontier guards patrol the Sino-Indian border. File Photo: CFP

A soldier of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) went missing while helping a herdsman find his yak along China-India border areas on Sunday, Senior Colonel Zhang Shuili, a spokesperson of PLA Western Theater Command said in a statement on Monday night.

The Global Times learned previously from sources that a missing Chinese has been detained in India and will likely be returned to his base. 

Zhang said in the Monday statement that China notified India immediately and hoped India could offer help in searching the missing soldier. India agreed to help search for the soldier and return him to China. 

India later notified China that a missing person from China had been found and would return him to China after a medical exam. “We hope India will fulfill its promise and return the person and work with China to implement the consensus reached at the 7th round of military-diplomatic talks and to safeguard peace and stability of the border areas,” Zhang said. 

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