PLA soldiers stationed in Tibet receive new QBU-191 assault rifles

▲PLA Tibet Military Command troopers examine their weapon. Photo: web

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers stationed in Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region have received new marksman rifles QBU-191, which have 30-shot magazine and variable magnification scope that can increase long-distance hit precision. 

In an article released by PLA Tibet Military Command’s WeChat public account, photos show that the new rifle arrives during the seasonal maintenance of their weapons. The new  rifle is expected to replace the QBU-88 sniper rifle that is currently used by the troops. 

A military observer, who requested anonymity, told the Global Times that the long barrel and variable magnification scope will improve the rifle’s hit precision over long distance. The plateau’s extreme cold will help test the rifle’s performance in extreme environment, collecting first-hand data for its future optimization, the observer said. 

This rifle is firstly equipped to some special operation forces, and will increase individual combat capability, he said. 

The new assault rifle is part of a series that is designed for the digital warfare, as its functions can be combined with other digital tools such as night-vision devices. 

H-6 bombers and Y-20 large transport aircraft attached to the PLA Central Theater Command Air Force have been deployed to the plateau region for training missions in early September after Indian troops again illegally crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC). 

Long-distance maneuvers, deployment exercises and live-fire drills have been taking place in Northwest China’s desert areas and Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region recently. 

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