Quality Argentine goods join shopping spree in China with high hopes

BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) — Around Nov. 11, better known as the Singles’ Day shopping festival in China, Pampa Corporation, an Argentine business, has prepared some 50 premium food products from across the South American country in its online shop, ready to ship them to Chinese families.

“We have an extensive product line under our own brand, starting with beef in ready-to-eat portions for the consumers … which we hope will boost their sales this Double 11 day,” the company’s executive director, Juan Uriburu, told Xinhua recently.

Today, having made its way across ocean, more Argentine goods, from a special selection of fruits to gourmet cuts of beef, are on offer in China, aiming to win a larger share of the country’s shopping spree.

Pampa Market, Pampa Corporation’s virtual store, began its international expansion with a focus on promoting Argentine gastronomy in 2019.

It joined the Singles’ Day promotional event for the first time that year, gaining sales of 12 million U.S. dollars. Pampa Market is now selling products in such Chinese cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen, said Uriburu.

“What we seek is to bring top-quality Argentine products at much more competitive prices, … directly to the end consumers, without the middleman,” he said.

In China, the company sells a wide range of products, from sea and mountain salts to assorted spices, honey, raisins and dried tomatoes, and possibly, in the future, beer and sparkling drinks.

“Every month we ship, by air, about 10 tons of meat to China … In other words, Chinese consumers may be consuming meat that was produced less than a week ago in Argentina,” said Uriburu. By sea, the firm ships about 70 containers of frozen boned and boneless meat every month.

Pampa aims to grow its current weekly number of customers from 24,000 to 130,000, relying on China’s big shopping days, such as Double 11 and Dec. 12, or Double 12, promotional events to reach its goal.

Though the pace of sales remained stable this year, “the COVID-19 pandemic made it hardly possible to achieve new growth,” so the Singles’ Day, as well as the upcoming Double 12 shopping spree, carries “great expectation,” said Uriburu.

“Last year, we made 12 million dollars in one day, which for an Argentine company is super interesting, considering that in one year we have only 100 million dollars in turnover,” said the company executive.

“We hope on this Nov. 11, the level of purchases will increase, which would attract new clients for us,” he added.

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