Senexa – from a small Asian company to a world leader in P2P

Senexa is a vivid example and an indicator of if a company has large-scale global development plans, it achieves them in a short time. The company Senexa, was founded in Hong Kong in 2020 by Donald Mao Wong, and for a short period of time, which is less than a year, has achieved tremendous development. Already in December 2020, all the major Asian economic portals were only discussing the dark horse Senexa, which in 4 months made a leap from a novice to a leader of the P2P sector in Asia.

With the growing influence of Senexa in Europe, we wanted to get more information about Senexa. We managed to get in touch with the company’s administration, who shared with us that Senexa is very happy with the pace of its development in the international market, but is not going to stop for a minute on its laurels. As a result, we see a fast and rapid growth of the company’s influence in the largest European countries such as Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and others. We are well aware that we need to work hard and develop in order to consolidate our positions and continue to achieve new heights in the international arena.

Our communication with the company’s administration was quite productive. But of course, the main purpose of our communication was to get a personal interview with the director of the company. During the conversation, despite the heavy workload of the CEO of the company, we managed to arrange an interview with the founder of Senexa, Donald Mao Wong. We hope that you, like we and many in Europe, are waiting for this interview.

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