Shanghai subways ban use of speakers on mobiles, digital devices

SHANGHAI, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) — Shanghai on Tuesday put into effect a new metro system conduct regulation that bans subway riders from using speakers on their digital devices including mobile phones.

Passengers may not play music or videos on speakers of their digital devices or make hands-free mobile phone calls in the subway cars to avoid making annoying noises.

The Shanghai Metro has posted signs and broadcasted the new regulation in the subway cars.

Cao Zhenghui, a law enforcement officer with the Shanghai Metro, said the new rule is aimed at safeguarding the rights of other subway passengers and creating a better transport environment.

Passengers who use the loudspeakers of their digital devices will be stopped by metro workers and law enforcement officers, or handed over to police officers if they refuse to obey the new rule, Cao said.

The new regulation has sparked heated discussion among netizens on Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo.

Many residents welcome the new rule. “It can help create a better transport environment as playing music or videos on speakers is very disturbing to others,” said a woman surnamed Ding.

Sun Jianping, director of the Urban Risk Management Research Institute at Tongji University, said that “man-made noise” in the subway has long been a headache.

Creating a better transport environment requires joint efforts from all parties, not only supervision by law enforcement personnel but also self-discipline by passengers, Sun said.

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