Taiwan jet crashes, pilot dies after parachuting into sea

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A Taiwan one-seat F-5E combat jet crashed two minutes after taking off Thursday morning, and the pilot onboard died after ejecting and parachuting into the sea, Taiwan-based media China Times reported. 

The F-5E combat jet took off Thursday morning from an air force base in eastern Taiwan, and went down two minutes after taking off due to engine failure. The pilot, surnamed Chu, ejected from the plane after reporting the emergency. 

Although Chu managed to parachute and land in the sea, he was met with strong winds and poor weather and became entangled in the parachute strings, causing him to drown. A rescue team quickly found Chu, and sent him to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. 

However, at 9:27 am, it was announced that Chu had died. 

China Times reported that Chu was unconscious when the rescue team spotted him, but had resumed consciousness after immediately receiving CPR treatment. 

The F-5E combat jet is normally supported by two working engines, the report said. Even if one engine fails, the other can still maintain normal operation, and the chances of both engines failing at the same time are extremely small. 

AIDC, the manufacturer of the jet, has dispatched a special working team to investigate the case. 

Global Times

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