Taiwan secessionists watch American vote-counting process anxiously, bitterly

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As netizens from the Chinese mainland watch the ongoing tight race in the US presidential election like a soap opera that brings laughter, inspires and encourages hard work, it seems that some living on the other side of the Straits are not as calm and poised. 

On the popular Sina Weibo social platform, netizens from the mainland and Taiwan are mocking the island’s secessionists and the Tsai Ing-wen administration of “experiencing a roller coaster” after US President Donald Trump was caught in a tough battle in four contested states that would push Joe Biden over the finish line.  

On Election Day on Tuesday, the results were in contrast to the prediction of a vast majority of US mainstream opinion polls, which widely favored Democratic candidate Biden, who did not win a landslide victory. Trump, who was considered having a small chance of victory, won the key swing states of Florida and Ohio, and took the lead in Georgia and North Carolina.

It thrilled some people in the island who have been worshipping the US and anticipating their “American father” to “liberate them.”  “God protects Taiwan,” some of them said on social media platforms.  

Some even swore that if Biden wins, they will broadcast live-streaming video of eating feces or cutting one of their fingers. 

However, good times don’t last long. The possibility of Biden’s victory broke their hearts. “It is a disaster to Taiwan. Let’s pray,” some said. 

On Taiwan’s shopping app, the Five-Starred Red Flag was one of the hottest commodities during the Double-11 shopping spree. Mainland netizens said the buyers might be secessionists who are poor in embroidery, and buy the flags for surrender as their “American father” is about to fall down.   

Some local media said US media reported the election pretending to be objective, but it could still feel upset from their rhetoric. Some media worried that “China” may try to seize “Taiwan’s Dongsha islands” during the US election. 

Local media also reported that at the regular meeting of the Democratic Progressive Party on Election Day, many members were absent-minded, from time to time swiping mobile phones to pay attention to the election results. It said Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen once suggested that everyone pay attention a little, but soon she could not help but ask: “How is the progress of the ball out?”

Taiwan’s “defense ministry” has also reportedly ordered the armed forces to strengthen preparations. They entered the Hengshan Command Post under Tsai’s instruction to keep an eye on developments in and around the Taiwan Straits. The post is Taiwan’s wartime military command center, manned by three “deputy chiefs of staff.” In case of major military and island emergencies, the “chief of staff” will be stationed there.

It seems that the DPP administration has been trying to undermine the impression that they are betting on Trump. 

“No matter which party is in power in the US, Taiwan will not change with the support of both parties,” the head of Taiwan’s “economic department” said Wednesday.

Taiwan’s “foreign affairs ministry” also said the island was watching closely and remained neutral. 

Lin Fei-fan, a deputy secretary general of the DPP, said on Facebook early Thursday that there was no need to worry about the US election results. 

If Trump is re-elected, the Taiwan question will be very sharp as he is still very radical, Jin Canrong, an associate dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China, said on his Sina Weibo account. 

It would be better if it were Biden because he is more moderate and he would be willing to talk to China, Jin said. 

Even if Trump takes office, he will not go that far. If he forces China to attack, the US will definitely lose. It is a stupid thing for the US, he added. 

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