The man drew a broken suspension effect on the telephone pole, and the netizens shouted magically: God operation!

On October 28th, Huang Yao from Chenzhou, Hunan, painted on a pole near the rice field, blending the painting into the rice field behind. The work makes the poles appear to be broken and suspended, which is very sci-fi. According to Mr. Huang, the difficulty of this kind of painting is mainly the change of light, the change of background environment, and the fusion of circular surface and color.

Netizens said one after another:

“Wow, that’s great, it really seems to be like, I have been envious of those who paint well since I was young​”

“Art comes from life and serves life, which is his true value ​”

“Similar to a three-dimensional zebra crossing at a crossroads, from a fixed angle, it does have a sense of shock. The problem is that the real world is three-dimensional and multi-dimensional, and most observers cannot feel the effect of this specific angle. The three-dimensional zebra crossing also gives Many people have brought unnecessary troubles and hope to learn from them.”

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