"The Rescue" to meet "Wonder Woman 1984" in China’s year-end screening season

“The Rescue,” a highly anticipated disaster action film by Dante Lam, the award-winning helmsman of the 2018 blockbuster film “Operation Red Sea,” is set to meet the latest American superhero feature “Wonder Woman 1984” during their Friday release in China.

They will join dozens of new titles screening in China’s competitive year-end moviegoing season that lasts about five weeks through Dec. 31, according to movie-ticketing and film data platform Maoyan.

This Friday will see the theatrical debut of eight new films, including “The Rescue” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” which are the two most highly anticipated motion pictures on Maoyan, with more than 600,000 and 100,000 internet users having expressed their interest in the films, respectively.

“The Rescue” portrays the bravery of a maritime emergency response team, with its leader played by Eddie Peng. “Operation Red Sea,” also an action film by Dante Lam, topped China’s 2018 box office chart, grossing 3.65 billion yuan (about 558 million U.S. dollars).

“Wonder Woman 1984” is a sequel to the 2017 commercial hit “Wonder Woman,” which grossed more than 600 million yuan in China.

China’s 2020 box office revenue had exceeded 17.7 billion yuan by Monday noon.

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