Travelers to China need to present negative results of nucleic acid and anti-body tests

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 As COVID-19 cases rebound sharply in countries from North America to Europe, Chinese embassies in several countries, including Russia, the US, and the UK, are now requiring Chinese and foreigner passengers flying to China to present negative result of serum IgM antibody test, in addition to usual negative result of nucleic acid test before boarding their flight. 

China’s embassy to Russia on Friday issued a notice on its website saying that beginning November 4, all passengers flying directly from Russia to China, who have not transited through a third country, should complete a nucleic acid test and a serum IgM antibody test at a testing center approved by the embassy 48 hours before boarding. After obtaining the two certificates showing negative results, they need to apply to the embassy for a green health code or health statement showing the “HS” logo.

Russia reported a new single-day record of 18,283 new COVID-19 infections in the past 24 hours, bringing the total official number of cases in the country to more than 1.6 million and 27,656 deaths, data showed.

The embassy recommends passengers to China avoid transiting through Russia as transit area of international flights in airports of Russia doesn’t have testing capability. As airports in many countries do not have proper testing facilities, and to avoid being delayed in a transit area and to reduce the risk of infection during their journey,  the embassy recommends passengers traveling to China from Russia take a direct flight to China after being tested in Russia. 

The embassy said that Chinese passengers need to declare their personal status through the international version of the health code mini program for epidemic prevention, take photos of the two negative certificates of the nucleic acid test and serum IgM antibody test and upload them onto the program.

After approval by the Chinese embassy and consulates in Russia, a green health code with the “HS” logo will be issued. Airlines operating direct flights to China will check each passenger’s health codes before allowing them to board.

Foreign passengers need send a scanned copy of their passport, results of the two tests, a signed health statement and details of their direct flight to China, to the email address designated by the Chinese embassy or consulates, according to the embassy.

After the Chinese embassy or consulate in Russia has reviewed the documents, the scanned copy of the health statement will be returned to the foreign passenger by email. The health statement must be printed and carried by the applicant. Airlines operating direct flights to China will only allow passengers who have the properly completed health statement to board their flight. 

Chinese embassies in the US, the UK, France, Italy, Poland and Nepal have also implemented such procedures as the number of new coronavirus cases has reached all-time highs across many countries in recent weeks.

The US reported 94,125 new COVID19 infections in 24 hours ending 8:30 pm Friday, breaking Thursday’s record of more than 91,000 cases and surpassing 9 million total coronavirus cases.

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