Warm-hearted bus drivers carry wheelchair-bound boy to rehabilitation training for six years

A video clip of a bus driver carrying a little boy to go to rehabilitation training in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong province, has recently gone viral.

The wheelchair-bound boy, Tong Tong (pseudonym), is 13 years old and has to go to downtown Qingdao for rehabilitation training every day.

Six years ago, Yu Yimu and Lu Zhenhua, drivers of Bus No. K1, met the boy by chance and learned about his story.

“When the child was born, severe asphyxia resulted in brain damage, and he couldn’t stand up, walk or talk. He has to go into the city for rehabilitation training every day,” said Ms. Zhang, Tong Tong’s mother.

After Ms. Zhang told Lu Zhenhua that Tong Tong’s father had to go to work and she had to take his son on Bus No. K1 to the hospital by herself every day, Lu decided to lend a helping hand.

After learning what happened, Yu Yimu, Lu’s colleague, also took on the task of carrying the child on his back for the bus trips every day. Lu and Yu have been doing this for six years.

During this time, with the help of these bus drivers, Tong Tong has gone from being unable to walk or talk to being able to take stumbling steps and speak intermittently. Tong Tong can now say simple words like “Dad” and “Hi”.

Tong Tong now calls Yu Yimu and Lu Zhenhua “Father Yu” and “Father Lu”.

Thousands of netizens were moved by the actions of the caring bus drivers. Yu Yimu and Lu Zhenhua were recently given bonuses of 10,000 yuan ($1,520) for the help they have given the boy. 

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