WHO experts start quarantine in Wuhan

BEIJING, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) — An international expert team of the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived in China and started quarantine at a hotel in Wuhan on Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Friday.

The 13-member team will conduct joint scientific research with Chinese scientists on the origin-tracing of the novel coronavirus, Zhao told a press briefing.

China’s regulations involving the nucleic acid tests monitoring are formulated based on the current global pandemic situation and in line with the arrangements made by other countries, Zhao said, adding that the purpose is to guarantee the orderly exchange of Chinese and foreign personnel on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control.

“This is not only to maintain China’s hard-earned achievements in epidemic prevention and control but also to minimize the risk of cross-infection among people coming to China and safeguard everyone’s health and safety,” Zhao said.

China will strictly abide by relevant regulations and requirements on epidemic prevention, and provide support and convenience to WHO experts in carrying out cooperation on the origin-tracing of the COVID-19 virus in the country, Zhao said. 

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