Wild pandas: Baby and mother pictured together in Sichuan

When the staff at Sichuan Fengtongzhai National Nature Reserve recently collected data from infrared cameras, they found precious footage of a wild panda mother and baby together. Lasting for around 15 seconds, the video showed the two wandering in the bamboo forest, with the cub following its mother in cute little steps.

(Photo/Fengtongzhai National Nature Reserve)

The cub is assumed to be around one year old, according to the preliminary analysis of the footage.

With an intact ecosystem, the surrounding area boasts a dense population of wild pandas. Another camera in the area also shot rare images of a panda peeing upside down to leave marks.

With the steady protection efforts, the ecological environment of the reserve continues to improve. As a result, more and more pandas are making their appearances on the camera. This was the second time that the reserve has been able to capture pictures of a mother and baby pandas together, with the first shot dating back to November 2019. 

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