Wuhan installs street lamps that can charge mobile phones

Recently, a new type of road lamp has appeared on Jianghan Road Walkway in Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei province, drawing widespread attention both online and offline, a WeChat account of Hubei Media Group reported on Nov. 19.  

These lamps allow people to quickly charge their mobile phones and to call the police simply by pressing a button on the lamp post. They can also monitor visitor traffic on the street.

According to Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, there are about 60 such street lamps on Jianghan Road Walkway, and mobile phones with wireless charging feature can be charged quickly by simply placing them at certain areas of the lamp post.

Each lamp post has two areas for fast wireless charging, but only certain mobile phone models can be charged via the device.

These new street lamps have attracted many local citizens and sparked heated discussions on the Internet, with many Internet users giving the thumbs up to the innovative device and suggesting such lamps be promoted across the country.  

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