Xinjiang deliveryman braves snow on horseback to provide courier services

A video of a deliveryman from Altay, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, providing courier services on horseback recently went viral after being watched by nearly 10 million netizens.

It is 112 kilometers from Habahe county to Baihaba village. The heavy snow prevents cars and other vehicles from travelling the last few kilometers of the road. As a result. Aerzhake, a deliveryman, rides a horse to deliver parcels, said a person in charge at the express station.

Aerzhake has also brought all kinds of daily necessities to villagers waiting to receive parcels. To help prevent accidents, his two pet dogs accompany him on the way.

‚ÄúThis man riding a horse is not necessarily Prince Charming, but a courier,” one netizen joked. 

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