Young Chinese on tech front poised to make their mark in 2021-25

BEIJING, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) — Zhang Jinfang, a 35-year-old entrepreneur running a chip-design firm, read through the top leadership’s proposals for the country’s development over the next five and 15 years as soon as the document was released in early November.

“It’s exciting. And it is an immeasurable honor to live in such an era, when the nation offers unprecedented opportunities for individuals to pursue their dreams,” Zhang said.

He saw a promising future for tech start-ups and scientific research in the document, which highlighted innovation in national development and voiced state support for building the country’s strengths in science and technology.

The vision of China’s top leadership for the next five to 15 years has encouraged many young people like Zhang to make their mark in the technology world.

Gao Yuanhe, who graduated from university just three years ago, has now become a vital figure in China’s probe mission to Mars. Gao and his fellow engineers at the China Academy of Space Technology have the job of testing the performance of space probes and satellites, ensuring they are ready for launch missions.

He said that, with the guidance of the national development plan for the next five years and long-range objectives for 2035, he knows what to strive for and how to do it.

For Zhang Jinfang, the vision set out in the proposals makes him more confident of his original aspiration of venturing into the business world, which started in 2008 when he was still a graduate student.

In less than two decades, his firm has emerged as an up-and-coming player in the chip-design field. Zhang is sure that his business will go further and contribute more to the national development in the coming years.

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